Cooking up a storm

My perfect weekend

Cooking up a storm

Being a chef, I am almost always cooking through the week.  Therefore weekends turn out to be a grand finale when my family wants me to make something exotic.

We are a big foodie family and love to visit different restaurants and experiment with cuisines. On some weekends we also go out for a meal.

At home, ‘Mutton biryani’ is on the Sunday menu by default. Apart from that we have ‘aloo puri and channa’, ‘Thai curry’ and ‘idli’ and ‘dosa’ are other dishes.

My family, apart from me, is extremely sporty.  My husband Rahul, my son Agastya (who is nine years old) and the rest of the family members play some sport or the other. Rahul often takes my son for a game of football and I go along with them too and be more like the quintessential cheerleader. This is then followed by a good lunch. 

Apart from spending our time out, we like to unwind, go for walks to the US Club and catch a movie. These days, our lives have become so busy, that I don’t remember the last time I went for one. This is what primarily my weekends comprise of.

I stay with my parents-in-law and that is the biggest boon as I am more like the daughter of the family and I get along very well with them.

There are times when Rahul and I want some time for ourselves — when we want to do something on our own or step out and spend some quality time with each other. I don’t feel guilty to leave my son behind with my parents-in-law because they look after him very well.

Friday evenings — from 7 pm to 9 pm — is all about football. After the game, we head home and then usually hit the ‘Gymkhana’. Everybody gets together for a fun banter.
There are also some days when we attend other parties.

Leisure days for us are usually Saturdays and Sundays when the entire family comes together and spends some time with each other discussing the past week, watching a movie or catching up on each other’s lives. In fact, it is on these days that we usually go out for a meal.

Sunday breakfast is a very celebrated meal in our house. We love to sit together and have our breakfast on Sundays. There is a lot of chit-chats and laughs that go around the dining table.

My husband is not a great cook, but he is my best critic. He has developed a palate for all kinds of cuisine for my sake and I thoroughly enjoy feeding him. My son loves to come and help me and he is a big part of my kitchen. 

We are also a very spiritual family and my parents -in-law follow the teachings of Swami Chinmayananda, so most of the Sunday mornings we get together and listen to his discourse.

 We also visit our family home in Alibag whenever we want to get away from Mumbai. We spend our time zooming in the speedboat.

I like to keep myself healthy and since I workout regularly throughout the week, my weekends are not filled with workouts.

Swimming and cycling are the other activities that I involve myself in. The fact that the weekend is so short, we don’t want to make it hectic for ourselves since there is another whole week to look forward to.

We rather hang out at home and unwind most of the weekends. Being with family is perhaps more relaxing and my idea of a perfect weekend.

A few of my favourite things

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(As told to Surupasree Sarmmah)

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