'It was an emotionally exhausting affair'

'It was an emotionally exhausting affair'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'It was an emotionally exhausting affair'

Nobody would have imagined actor Pooja Gandhi playing the role that she has essayed in ‘Jilebi’. The actor says that her character in the recently released film has been a tough but an interesting one.

The film revolves around a woman and three men. Pooja assures that there is nothing vulgar about her role in the film and the way it has been shot. “I watched the first day, first show of the film and was overwhelmed with the response. People were seen clapping, laughing and relating to the instances shown in the film. We set out with the idea to entertain people and I think we have achieved that in this film. You can watch the film with your family,” she says.

Pooja adds that at first, she wasn’t very confident about doing the role because she hadn’t played a character like this one earlier. “The director gave me the confidence that I could pull it off. The character and everything associated with it has been portrayed in a neat way.”

The actor has also been working on ‘Dandupalya 2’ which, she says, is another interesting movie because she literally lives the character here. “It is not easy to portray the role that I play in ‘Dandupalya 2’ since the director was particular that the actor must feel and imagine the emotions and pain that the character goes through. It was an emotionally exhausting affair for me,” adds Pooja.   

She will soon start working on ‘Banamati’, a supernatural film, which will be made in Kannada and Telugu. She will also launch her home production in April. “I will go for a completely lean look for my home production. I will look exactly like how I did in ‘Mungaru Male’,” she adds.   

Pooja believes in experimenting with as many different roles and genres as possible. “The profession becomes very boring and monotonous if actors are not open to experimentation. People warned me and asked me not to work on ‘Dandupalya 2’. But I took up the challenge because it is not always that actors get an opportunity to play a role like the one I have in ‘Dandupalya 2’,” she says.

Pooja also believes that there is definitely an audience for offbeat and experimental cinema.