Holy Cow Productions to wrap up more gaming projects soon

Holy Cow Productions to wrap up more gaming projects soon

Holy Cow Productions to wrap up more gaming projects soon

Having worked with Ubisoft, a multinational video game publisher in Barcelona, Goutham Dindukurthi came back to India to set up his own dream company Holy Cow Productions.

Holy Cow Productions is an independent game development studio providing services in 2D and 3D art production, game programming, and game design. “We are an independent game development studio that makes games for PCs, consoles and the mobile/tablet devices,” says Dindukurthi, whose company commenced operations in mid-2014.

“While talking to some friends at work, the thought came. I looked for some projects to start the company and ended up finalising on two projects,” Dindukurthi recollects.

Bad Dream Brigade is the first project of Holy Cow, which is a collaboration with renowned British children’s book author and illustrator Jo Litchfield to bring out a series of stories about funny, friendly monsters and their rescue missions.

“This is an interactive story book app aimed at children aged three to seven. Bad Dream Brigade consists of original stories and traditional hand drawn art by Jo Litchfield as well as narration with sub titles and gripping music created by us,” he adds.

“The other project that we started is a Role Playing Game (RPG) called Zenith by Infinigon Games, a company based in Spain. Holy Cow took care of all the programming and a part of the character animations,” he says.

Talking about the gaming scenario in India, Dindukurthi says, “A lot of the game development companies in India are right now into mobile games. We are looking at making AAA quality games for PCs and consoles as well. There are only a handful of games that have come out of India in this regard. We want to put India on the map of game development as we believe we have a lot of talent and potential here,” he says, adding that the self-funded startup is not looking for funding right now.

“We just recently finished Zenith for Infinigon Games. The game was released by BadLand Indie and has received quite a good response from the public, while Bad Dream Brigade interactive story book app is currently out on Google Play and Apple Stores,” he informs.

Talking about future plans, he says, “There are a couple of projects in the pipeline. One is a mobile racing game called Drift Champions which we are hoping to wrap up in a couple of months. The other is an ambitious 3-studio collaborative project with Hobo Interactive and The Cirqus (all based in India). This is going to be a racing game for PC and consoles. We are also in discussion with Infinigon for the next project.”