Credai Expo in City

Credai Expo in City

Credai Expo in City

The sixth edition of CREDAI Bengaluru Realty Expo will be held at Hotel Park Plaza, Marathahalli, on March 18 and 19 and in Hotel Shangri La on March 25 and 26.

Following the demonetisation move in November 2016, and its effects, it is now safe to say that prices of real estate have stabilised for the time being.

It is also being predicted that by the second quarter of this year, property prices are set to escalate with the RERA Bill coming into effect, as well as the variances in prices of materials taking as well. With this view, CREDAI Bengaluru  will host its first Realty Expo for the year 2017, making now the perfect time to buy a home. The first Expo of this year will be held at Park Plaza, Marathahalli, on March 18 and 19, 2017.

Speaking about the event, Suresh Hari, Secretary, CREDAI Bengaluru  said, “Now is the right time to invest in a home and be assured of lower and stabilised prices compared with what it may be in a few months from now. In fact, in this back-to-back exhibition, we have a number of new projects that will also be on display. Projects from across the city will be accessible to prospective customers.

The benefit of this platform is that it is built of a set of reliable builders, properties and financial options that will help a customer make the right decisions.”

The Expo will have a comprehensive set of participants, including 39 builders and four financial institutions, each of whom will be personally interacting with prospective consumers. What remains key to this realty exhibition is that it will showcase properties that are available across the City.

This exhibition will be easily accessible to those who live in South Bengaluru and are on the lookout for a home. The convenience of such an exhibition is also offered to the residents of North Bengaluru, when the next chapter of this exhibition will be held at Hotel Shangri La on March 25 and 26, 2017.