Tenders for restoring lakes soon: Minister

Tenders for restoring lakes soon: Minister

The government will soon call tenders to implement recommendations of an expert committee to restore Bellandur and Varthur lakes.

Replying to a query by Ramachandra Gowda (BJP) in the Council, Bengaluru Development Minister K J George said the recommendations include putting in place aerators and removal of weeds.

Bellandur lake has been in the news after froth covered its surface due to high pollution. George said ramps will be constructed at the waste weir in Bellandur lake to control the outflow of foam. The froth was due to the presence of detergents and high sulphur levels.

George said of the 126 lakes in Bengaluru, 90 were in possession of BBMP, 26 with the Bengaluru Development Authority and four with the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority.

The total supply of water to Bengaluru stood at 1,350 million litres per day (MLD), but water treatment capacity in the city stood at only 750 MLD. Lakes tend to get polluted due to untreated waste water.

Tenders have been called for installing sewage treatment plants at 10 places. George said treatment facility for another 250 MLD will be in place by December. However, STPs to deal with all waste water generated in Bengaluru will be in place by 2020, he added.