Solace in salads and soups

Solace in salads and soups

Solace in salads and soups

Those in and around Jayanagar may have visited this place, more so for their selection of healthy juices and smoothies, but ‘Pure & Natural’ serves many more tasty items than just that.

With a wide array of hot and cold salads, soups, sandwiches and pastas on their menu, one can stop by for a nice filling meal at this eatery. You could choose to keep it light by opting for salads and pastas without a creamy base or gorge on an indulgent mix of dishes.

They have juices that relieve aches, pains, hangovers and various other disorders and you can ask for a nutritious concoction of fruits and vegetables, as suggested on the menu, to sip on.

Smoothies like ‘Apple berry’, ‘Apple cinnamon’, ‘tropical’ and ‘carrot’ are also available. If you want to keep it light, you can go for their refreshing cold salads like the ‘Three bean’, ‘Mexican’, ‘Italiano’ and ‘maze’. These are low on calories and high on flavours.

Those who are looking for a creamy salad can go for preparations like ‘Tangy cream’, ‘Mixed cream’, ‘Russian’, ‘Swedish Potato’ and ‘Winter’ (fruit with raisin in cream dressing). In the hot salad section, they have options like ‘Miso’, ‘Hot chopsuey’, ‘Burmese hot’, ‘Coriander and garlic’ and more. Along with a soup, these can make for a full meal.

The soups are different for each day of the week. ‘Hot and sour corn’, ‘Spinach baby corn’, ‘Golden broth’ and ‘Cheese hot pot’ are some of the choices available. In case you’re not really fond of salads and are looking for something else, the sandwiches are there at your rescue.  With options like ‘corn’, ‘Chilli cheese’, ‘Paneer mushroom’, ‘Potato tiki’ and ‘fruit’ among others, one is spoilt for choice.  Each of them is nicely toasted and crisp in every bite. For those craving a portion of pasta, there’s a small list that features ‘Penne primavera’, ‘Macaroni Burmese’, ‘Fibre pasta’ and a couple of others.

To beat the summer heat, there are plenty of mocktails and even ‘lassis’ in flavours like ‘Punjabi’, ‘salt’, ‘sweet’, ‘mango’ and ‘strawberry’. The place has a relaxed ambience and is perfect for a casual meal with family or friends.  The items are reasonably priced and the menu has something to suit everyone’s palate and appetite.

You can eat to your heart’s content without having to spend too much. ‘Pure & Natural’ is located near National College, 7th Block, Jayanagar. For details, call 26633304.