Scout for suitable spot to relieve yourself in this city

Scout for suitable spot to relieve yourself in this city

Probab­ly one of the worst problem for the common man to face is, not able to relieve oneself or attend to the call of natu­r­e.

Often, citizens are found scurrying around in search of corners or bylanes to find a suitable spot to relieve. After long journeys, or spending a lengthy time in the market or after running around for medical or legal advice or if a visit to the government office takes several hours, it was a pity to note that there are not good number of toilets to address the basic problem.

Most of the public places in the city, where a large number of people arrive, lack toilets. The worst to be affected are patients coming from far-off areas, pregnant women, senior citizens, children, women, passengers, etc.

A good number of people arrive from the surrounding villages and towns. There is also a good flow of visitors to the taluk offices, markets, junior college, general hospital, school, court and government offices. But when it comes to infrastructure, the city dates back to the pre-historic times. There are at least three toilets on the premises of the private bus stand.

However, these toilets have remained locked, though the bus stand was inaugurated three months ago. The travellers are all curious to know the reason behind this.

Says Prasanna, a resident of Prashant Nagar, “It is most disgusting to note that we have to fight for even basic needs like rest rooms or toilets. Instead of harping in the name of progress, it is important to first set right things which are utmost necessary,” he adds.

There are a couple of “Pay And Use” toilets. But there are very few takers for this. People do not want to shell their money to relieve themselves. The KSRTC bus stand, the Chennaiah Garden, the private bus stand, junior college, the market place, etc, are some of the places where a large number of people are seen. The “Pay And Use” toilets located at these places hardly have any visitors. Men can very well relieve themselves in the open. However, women face a tough time. Embarrassed, they are forced to seek solace in toilets located in buildings, offices or complexes.

Most of the passengers near the bus stand are seen scouting for suitable locations. As soon as they alight the bus, their first priority, before reaching their destination, is to find suitable spot to relieve themselves. Travelling during night hours for women passengers, is extremely troublesome. “There should be some cleanly maintained restrooms for the convenience of all,” says a student, who has to visit the city every day. Near the compound walls, behind the trees, in a deserted playground, in poorly-lit areas, or behind old buildings or desolated houses, the public are forced to search for different options.

Villages are better
Kadirappa, a resident of Korlahalli, who visits the city often, backlashes at those who are in power. “Such a basic thing like a rest room is not found in the city. At least, our villages far are better......” he adds.

According to Naveen, a resident of MG Road, even children suffer a lot. “I find them harassing their parents. The parents are also in a fix. They can neither find the public toilets clean nor can they allow them to relieve themselves in the open.”
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Some bare facts...
Not many toilets located at important places in the city.
Public resort to convenient places to relieve themselves.
Women and elderly persons suffer a lot.
Pay and use toilets are not popular among citizens.
The very few public toilets are not maintained properly.
Restrooms at all places a must for patients, travellers, children, women, visitors, senior citizens, etc.