'Will play only if I am 100 per cent'

'Will play only if I am 100 per cent'

'Will play only if I am 100 per cent'

Had betting been legal in India, it would have raised the pitch about the million dollar question hovering before the fourth Test - Will Virat Kohli play or not? The Indian captain, though, made it clear that he would be the part of the team only if he is 100 per cent fit.

Kohli, nursing an injured right shoulder, was categorical in stating that no exceptions would be made in his case. “When we put these things in place, same process applies for me as it does for all the other members of the team. There is no special treatment for anyone. Obviously if, I am hundred percent fit for the game, is the only condition that I will take the field,” a quiet Kohli told media on Friday.

“The physio can explain better. I don’t know the magnitude of the risk. All I know is that if I go through fitness test, I will take the field.”

‘Can aggravate injury’

Kohli admitted the injury has an element of being aggravated in the field. “I wouldn’t say it is a normal feeling. It is obviously different from how you play at 100% fitness. Those are the things that you need to address when you are going through tests. As a batsman, you want to prepare a certain way. As a fielder, you want to contribute a certain way. Certainly, at this stage, the injury has an element of being aggravated in the field. While batting, there is no problem whatsoever of it getting aggravated.

“So it’s a bit different obviously from when you are 100% fit. I have taken medication after the last game, so I am just hoping that it takes me (only) a bit more time to get back to the normal movements that I have.

“The physio wants to give it a bit more time till I can test myself and probably we will take a call later tonight or tomorrow before the game. “

Keen to play

As player and captain, Kohli admitted he would like to push himself to play. “But at times, you have to understand where your body stands as well. It’s not an injury caused because of lack of fitness. It’s an impact injury,” he said.

“Every match is as crucial for me. I don’t see any other game or any other opposition differently. You know, I've not done anything special so far, but still the guys have fought it out and that shows why we are the number 1 team in the world.”