'Bridges under vision document 2025 to be ready in 4 years'

'Bridges under vision document 2025 to be ready in 4 years'

Minister Madhwaraj inspects Parari, Panchamikana bridges

The construction of most of the bridges promised under vision document 2025 has been taken up, District In-charge Minister Pramod Madhwaraj has said. He was speaking to reporters after making the spot visits to the ongoing work at the 202.96 metres of Parari bridge built across Ammunje-Perampalli and the bridge built across Panchamikana near Neelavara-Koradi road.

The minister said that the bridges were envisaged for a long run of 13 years. Construction work of most of the bridges assured, however, is on the verge of completion and the bridges will be ready within four years. A total of Rs 77.50 crore has been released for the construction of bridges. Funds of Rs nine crore have been allocated and 80% of the work is complete.

Elaborating on the construction of the bridge across Panchamikana, the minister said that the bridge would help the people of Koradi, Neelavara, Brahmavara, Mandarthi to reach Manipal within 20 minutes. “The 128-metre long bridge comprises 36 piers which are 10 metres beneath the bridge and again one-metre deep seating inside the rock. The work will get over by May-end and nine months duration is taken for the completion of the bridge. Approach roads of one kilometre each are built at a cost of Rs 30 lakh,” he added.

Explaining the progress in the construction of the Parari bridge, Madhwaraj said that the bridge is built at a cost of Rs 10 crore. “The construction of the approach roads is being worked out. Within a month, the estimate for the approach roads would be over. There is no acquisition as there is sufficient land. The bridge work will be completed by December-end. There are 74 piers which are 45 metres in depth,” he said. The minister added that the hydrological survey has been conducted on the proposed reservoir at Shimbra.

Earlier, visiting the virgin beach of Padukere, the minister said that tourism infrastructure like parking slots, showers, toilets and eateries will be built to promote tourism in the area. “The concept of home stay will also be introduced as the fishermen who are running the business under loss can switch over and indulge in home stay business,” explained the minister.

“A proposal for Rs 1.20 crore for the parallel road to Padukere beach will be sent to the government. The beach, now taken up under the purview of Malpe Beach Development Committee, has an annual income of Rs one crore. This income will be spent on developing the Padukere beach. The area should be cradle for home stay concept similar to that of Chikkamagaluru and Kodagu,” he added.