Govt allows one-time transfer between 4 transport corporations

Govt allows one-time transfer between 4 transport corporations

The state government issued an order allowing employees of 4 state road transport corporations a one-time inter-corporation transfer.

With this, nearly 1.10 lakh of Grade III and Grade IV employees (drivers, conductors and mechanics) in BMTC, KSRTC, NWKRTC and NEKRTC can apply for transfer between the corporations.

Transfer of employees was a routine affair till the staff got a stay order from court against ‘punishment’ transfer. Later, thousands of employees, who are working in corporations that are far away from their families, requested for a shift to a division near their homes. However, the court judgement became a bottleneck.

A senior KSRTC official said more than 20,000 employees are expected to seek transfer. “There are many who have not applied for transfer as they knew that the judgement won’t allow it. Now, we are expecting a huge rush,” the official said.

The government, through its order, has set up a committee which will form a policy and outline the rules for the one-time transfer.

“The committee will also see which corporation will lose more employees and make sure that the transfer won’t cripple any of the divisions,” the official said.