The feel of home

The feel of home

North-Indian delicacies

The feel of home

A fairly big restaurant right next to Indiranagar Metro Station is certainly not a place with which one would expect to associate a description like ‘reasonably priced’.

    As far as location goes, ‘Tadka Singh’ is a winner, but what is better is the fact that it has a price range that is suited for all wallets.

The name itself is self-explanatory — Tadka Singh serves decent Punjabi fare ranging from ‘parathas’ and ‘Kadhi chawal’ to ‘Kheema pav’ and ‘Butter chicken’.

The menu, though somewhat limited, has enough options to satisfy the tastebuds. For starters, choose from succulent options like ‘Achari paneer tikka’, ‘Aloo tikki’, ‘Tandoori chicken’ and so on. But the main course is the section you want to focus on.

If you are opting for a combo, the ‘Rajma chawal’ is one of their highlights and does not disappoint you. Other options include ‘Kadhi chawal’, ‘Chole kulcha’, ‘Chicken curry and rice’
and ‘Kheema pav’.

Nothing too fancy but quite satisfactory. There is also an option called ‘Meal of the day’ which includes one curry, one vegetable curry, two ‘paranthas’ and a bowl of rice.

This comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options but you can’t choose which curry you can have — the decision is Tadka Singh’s prerogative.

However, if combos are not your thing, choose from the variety of ‘parathas’, rolls and rice-based options.

Their ‘Amritsari parathas’ and ‘Amritsari aloo kulchas’ have quite a fan following while the ‘Stuffed parathas’, which come in a variety of fillings like ‘Aloo’, ‘Gobi’, ‘Paneer’ and ‘Kheema’, are deliciously filling.

Accompaniments for rice include vegetarian delights like ‘Amritsari chole’, ‘Dal makhani’ and ‘Butter paneer’ and non-vegetarian delicacies like ‘Chicken curry’ and ‘Mutton kheema’.

Nothing very fancy; the taste is quite similar to home food. The calorie-inducing Punjabi stamp may not exactly be there but your tummy won’t find any reason to complain, especially when it comes to the portions which are generous.

The rolls are another choice for people who may be looking for a slightly-smaller yet filling dish. From ‘Achari paneer’ to ‘Egg bhurji’ and ‘Malai kabab’, there is enough and more when it comes to variety. 

The dessert section may come as a bit of a dampener for people with a sweet tooth.
 You have to choose from ‘Kheer’, ‘Gulab jamun’ and ‘Kulfi’; there are no other options. But these in themselves are sufficient to cheer you up and serve as the perfect finale for a pleasurable meal.

On a side note, the ambience is cheerful and colourful. The quirky sayings on the wall and the open space can be a good idea for a family meal or a day out with friends. Tadka Singh is located at 538, opposite Metro station, CMH Road, Indiranagar.

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