A new retail plaza in making for KIA

A new retail plaza in making for KIA

The 4,950-sqm space will house pub, kids play area, F&B outlets

A new retail plaza in making for KIA
Gearing up for a brand new runway and terminal, the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) will finally start exploiting its commercial space with a flashy Retail Plaza. The kerbside Plaza will host new eateries, a pub and a kids play area, informed sources told DH. Going green, the plaza is expected to be designed within a garden layout with optimum open space and roof for weather protection.

The big idea is to let passengers feel that they are seated in a garden environment but free from the vagaries of weather. Getting into the plaza will be part of the natural flow of passengers while departing and upon arrival. Spread out over an area of 4,950 sq metres, the plaza will house 20 outlets in two phases. The first phase will have three food and beverage (F&B) outlets and a common seating area in 550 sqm.

A pub, three F&B outlets, a kids play area and a common seating area spread across 1,950 sqm will be part of the second phase. Designers have been told to define the space in a way that ensures good visibility of the overall airport environment. The plaza itself will be seen from the arrival gates and drop off zones.

To be built in two phases, the retail plaza will be 'elegant and simple, sophisticated but functional,' as the sources put it. Besides adequate seating, the design will ensure smooth passenger movement and space for queuing / spill over. The retail space layout will be customised to meet the specific requirements of departing and arriving, domestic and international, business and leisure passengers.

Once complete, the Retail Plaza is expected to stand out as a diversified offering of retail, F&B, leisure and entertainment along with a few essential traveller services. The underlying theme of the plaza will be Bengaluru's food, culture, sports and shopping in a miniature form.

The new retail space is expected to be ready well in time for the launch of the airport's second terminal in March, 2021. The airport is expected to enhance its terminal capacity by 45 million passengers per annum. The plaza will cater to the needs of this rising traveller base.