Sporting the right attitude

Sporting the right attitude

Haute style: Fit and fashionable

Sporting the right attitude

Staying fit is a requisite and what better than making it a colourful and trendy experience.
The latest collection from Reebok does just that by combing two most important aspects — comfort and style.  The vibrant collection from the brand enables one to slip out of mundane workout wear and don some refreshing and stylish outfits.

The collection has products in the running, training and studio (dance, aerobics and yoga) categories and also caters to innovative footwear technologies like ZPump, ZPrint 3D Mapping, CrossFit Nano and ZQUICK. Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India, says, “Catering to consumer choices, our Spring Summer’17 collection is a fun and edgy take on workout apparel. Ideal for all shapes and sizes, the range celebrates bold prints and neon colours meshed with technology that enhances movement and comfort with style.”

Being fashionably fit is the new mantra for every fitness enthusiast and with this ‘high-performance’ collection they can now workout in style; complementing the pace of their workout sessions with trendy apparel and footwear.

The fabric, Silvia says, is designed with a texture that allows breathability and ensures a sweat and fuss free workout.
“The brand is also going bold in its athleisure wear with classic silhouettes and style that are ideal for the FitGen,” she adds.

The collection also sees a few signature silhouettes of the past making a comeback, prominent among them being the freestyle hi-sneakers and classic statement graphic tees.
Apart from the sports and workout essentials, they also have a collection of accessories like gymsacks, backpacks, duffles and water bottles and sippers.  


Dimple Angelin, from Cathedral PU college wore a white crop top and printed tights. She completed the look with orange running shoes.
Punchline: “The colour of the printed pants made me feel energetic and the crop top was sporty yet stylish. The shoes were extremely comfortable.”
Price: Crop top (Rs 1,699), tights (Rs 3,999) and shoes (Rs 6,299).

Rayhan Jamal, a student of Presidency College wore an orange round neck T-shirt, black track pants and white tennis shoes.
Punchline: “The fabric of the T-shirt was soft which made me feel relaxed, even in the hot weather. The fitted track pants and the shoes completed the athleisure feel.”
Price: T-shirt (Rs 2,499), track pants (Rs 3,799) and shoes (Rs 8,999).

Tannu Rani, a final-year student of Presidency College, wore a neon green top and wrapped a wind jacket around her waist. She completed her look with black tights and matching black and white printed shoes.
Punchline: “The neon coloured top, the printed jacket and the tights were unusual yet comfortable.”
Price: Top (Rs 1,799), jacket (Rs 4,999), tights (Rs 2,999) and shoes (Rs 7,999).

Tekkan Shashank satish, a student of CMR Institute of Management Studies, kept his look simple yet sporty by slipping into a blue polo T-shirt and black slim fit track pants and teamed it with black tennis shoes.
Punchline: “I loved the colour of the T-shirt. It had a dry fit material which is perfect for the gym.”
Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,299), track pants (Rs 1,699) and shoes (Rs 5,999).

Urmila Mangadana, a student of KIIMS college, chose to sport a white tank top with neon print and a pair of black tights. She combined it with classic white running shoes.
Punchline: “My outfit made me feel free. It was designed keeping in mind the trend without compromising on the comfort
Price: Tank top (Rs 2,699), tights (Rs 4,999) and shoes (Rs 6,599).

Bunty Rana, a student of WIMS college, wore a neon green vest and layered it with a black and neon jacket. The grey jogger pants and the white shoes complemented his outfit.
Punchline: “The vest and jacket made me feel sporty while retaining the cool factor.”
Price: Vest (Rs 1,299), jacket (Rs 4,599), jogger pants (Rs 3,099) and shoes (Rs 8,999).