Love and obsession

Love and obsession

As I reminisce over bygone years, I recollect a rather interesting thing, revolving around a schoolmate, who used to religiously sport a refulgent pendant, a remarkable model of a peacock with resplendent stones in rainbow hues.

It seems, her paternal uncle had presented the pretty piece, procured during one of his pleasure jaunts in the picturesque locales of Paris. She was in such asinine love with her acquired possession that it had turned an awful obsession with her. Unwittingly she'd touch it often to make sure it is dangling on her neck-chain.

As luck would have it, one day the pendant along with the chain had slithered away from her neck, and she lost it forever. Feeling disconsolate and distressed, for days together, she had drowned in a deluge of depression and despondency.

Interestingly, whether it is an inanimate object (like, a piece of jewelery, a gadget, a car/home, etc), or a living being (say, a friend/relative, lover or your own self!), the more you are in love, the more you find yourself seized by the inseparable obsessive pangs, even possessive pangs!

Here, I am reminded of a girl, who tried ending her life, following a love failure. While in love with her beau, she was so obsessed with him that she kept a tab of whatever he'd indulge in, wherever he'd go, whoever he'd meet. Apparently, getting jilted from him was something she hadn't foreseen even in her wildest dreams. Naturally, being inexorably caught in the love net, she had found it difficult to disentangle herself. Hence she had resorted to taking the drastic step.

Her love obsession had turned her thinking, illogical and irrational, with her mind, bereft of all reasoning/analyzing capacity. Apparently, she hadn't realized her dramatic decision's soul-shattering impact on her parents, who had all across cocooned her in copious care/comfort. Also, she hadn't discerned, a person who can dump her for another dame, can desert that girl too, for yet another girl.

To conclude, the higher is your love quotient, be it in anyone/anything, the greater is your hounding/harrying obsessive quotient! So, it is all in us to exercise the control over our mind and heart, so as to keep the love in check. Once the undue/unreasonable love gets restrained, obviously obsessive thoughts and feelings, too, automatically would get obliterated.