Click selfies that enhance your self worth here

Click selfies that enhance your self worth here

Gallery of the surreal

Click selfies that enhance your self worth here

Step up your selfie game. Instead of clicking pictures with food, capture yourself shaking hands with former US President Barack Obama or with your head in a shark’s mouth at the National Consumer Fair’s selfie art gallery on Binny Mills grounds.

The gallery has 27 handmade paintings, of public figures, action heroes and animals, most of them with three-dimensional effect.

Visitors to the gallery were excited to pose with Mother Theresa, whose hands extended out of the frame to bless them. Adults and children alike clicked pictures pretending to fight dinosaurs, feed baby giraffes and kiss dolphins.

Nishka Prajna, a class I student, was excited to take pictures with the paintings. “I can’t go near a real shark to click a picture, so I took one here. I loved all the paintings. I got to shake hands with Obama and pose like Mahishasura Mardini,” she said. Children glowed with pride as they accepted a flower pot from a portrait of former president A P J Abdul Kalam.

Shaqeel M, who brought his son to the fair, said, “He likes it because he can take a picture as if he is milking it, like they do in villages.” Shaqeel appreciated the replica of the Taj Mahal at the fair and said that engravings were much like on the real one.

The organiser, Gautam Agarwal, said in the previous year’s fair, they put up a sign encouraging people to take selfies in front of the Taj Mahal replica, and it brought them a lot of publicity as people posted the pictures on social media.

“Selfies are a huge craze among people, old and young. I saw a similar selfie gallery in China which seemed to be very popular and attracted people. I thought the concept would work here too. So I asked a few artists from Mumbai to create this for me,” he said. It took two months to complete the artworks, he said.

The gallery is on from 4 pm to 9 pm and will be open this month and in May.