Not just another brick in the wall!

Not just another brick in the wall!

Alankrutha S explains different ways of incorporating natural stones in home interiors

Not just another brick in the wall!

Stones come in different shapes, sizes and surfaces, but every single one
accentuates the interiors of your home in ways unimaginable. Natural stones are taking home interiors by storm; from floors to roofs, there are many ways to incorporate stone-based designs in one’s home. However, there is a thin line
between elegance and tawdry — cross this line, and  the interiors of your home could replicate the insides of Flinstone’s house.

Move over brick wall
Stones never fail to add warmth to your interior; in fact, its natural appeal has
encouraged many to use it as an element across living rooms, bedrooms and
bathrooms. It transforms the ambience of the house significantly, and is also one of the popular ways to highlight walls at home. There are many ways of incorporating natural stone in your wall decor and making it the focal point for any room. When we use stone walls, we do not have to worry about the changing styles, evolving trends or vogue passe, for, stone wall decor is evergreen and ages with grace.

Stone walls provide a sense of closeness to nature — a grounded vibe, act as a source of sound absorption, are easy to maintain and are durable. We can find a lot of varieties, which can be picked up depending on the space and context of use. Usage of indigenous or locally available stone range provides a good aesthetic appeal, and is apt for heritage or natural settings or context of space. Natural stone can complement any decor as they have the ability to adapt and suit traditional or contemporary decor.

Natural stone wall cladding, apart from giving your  home a subtle and bold
character, also doubles up as a good insulant. Upholstery fibre makes the stone wall or cladding stand out, and blends with it to give a unified harmonious look and feel. To make the area look welcoming, energetic and cheery, one can bring
upbeat colours in warm shades of yellow, orange, burnt sienna and red. For small areas, consider doing up only a part of the wall with natural stone/stone finish and not to overload the interior.

Room for every stone
Lighting plays a vital role in interiors, as the usage of lighting can complement and highlight the surface. Spot lights, LED strip lights and cove lighting can be used to enhance the features of stone surfaces. Stones can be used in bedroom head board walls, side table tops to add that touch of warmth in our bedrooms. Bathing area and wash counters are perfect areas to have stone surfaces. If one prefers not to have stone in any rooms, then a great idea is to have splashes on stone surfaces in photo/portrait walls, foyers and balcony walls.

Get innovative
There are many ways to get creative with stones and interiors. While many boutique hotels and restaurants are coming up with creative ways, it’s time to bring home the vacation. Natural stone slabs as dining tops, TV unit top, breakfast or bar
counters, ledges, and event console tables are some of the contemporary options, as stone is a natural material that will bring warmth to your interior, and has a natural appeal and signifies the connection with nature. Stone is also an eco-friendly and sustainable option, for those of you who are looking out for a durable surface

For furniture, stone veneer is an alternative to portray the exclusive feel of
natural stone in an exceptional way. Stone veneer  sheets can be found in slate, quartzite and many other natural stone textures that could be used on furniture surfaces, panels, cladding etc.

(The author is architect, N-Hance from Navin’s)