betterU looks for expansion

betterU looks for expansion

betterU looks for expansion

Online marketplace for education betterU has plans to open offices in Bengaluru and Delhi.

With the head office located in Ottawa, Canada, its operating office is in Mumbai. Started in 2016, betterU was formally launched a few months ago, and it offers over 10,000 skilled courses by partnering with various educators from KG-Grade 12, to skills development and professional development, among others.

“We are planning to expand to Bengaluru and Delhi, and we are constantly looking to build partnerships. Our vision is to equalise education for all and get the best of the world in education,” betterU CEO Bradley Loiselle said.

Recently, it expanded its territory and included Australia and New Zealand to increase access to global educational partnerships. Also, the company got listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange recently.

When asked why betterU is focusing on India and chose the country, Loiselle said, “India is an emerging market, and it focuses more on technology. Also, people are good at English compared with China or Brazil.”

Study Abroad programme
Loiselle said it was not easy to start betterU and it took four years to build the company. “We pooled in close to Rs 17 crore funding. There is so much opportunity here, and we are also planning to introduce a ‘Study Abroad’ programme soon on our platform,” he said.

At present, betterU is a 40-member team and with expansion, it plans to increase the team size.

“We are planning to bridge the prevailing gap in the education and job industry, and enhance the lives of prospective learners by developing an integrated ecosystem,” he added.