A meaningful session

A meaningful session

A meaningful session

The Alipore Post ‘offline’ was held at The Humming Tree over the weekend. The event was curated by Rohini Kejriwal. Different workshops and sessions were a part of the event which was attended by many like-minded people.

An analog photography workshop conducted by Shashank Jayaprasad and Zeeshan Chowdhury, DIY block printing by Tharangini, poetry slam held in collaboration with Airplane Poetry Movement, pop-up bookstore by Goobe’s Book republic, vinyl session by Etienne Sangita and traditional games by Kavade were some of the highlights.

There were also stalls put up by brands like ‘Orunie’, ‘Ants’, ‘Punny cakes’ by Gitanjali Singh and a stall by ‘The Alipore Post’ that displayed their vibrant and creative collections of home decor items, art and craft, home-stitched apparel and fresh home-bakes. Visitors and participants looked equally thrilled to be a part of the event.

Vasundhara Sharma, founder of the Delhi-based startup ‘Orunie’, said, “This is the first time we have put up a stall in Bengaluru and we are pretty excited. We are trying to build a niche for ourselves.”

Catering to fusion designs and details, the stall had quirky, little things that one can use for their home space. One could find handmade products like scarves, lamps, jewellery, cosmetic pouches and bags at the stall. She pointed out that events like these give a lot of exposure to a small business or startup.

Gitanjali Singh, an aspiring homebaker, also had her husband and brother joining her for the event. She said, “I love baking and spreading the joy with people. It is a great social  platform to showcase my passion.”

Shashank Jayaprasad and Zeeshan Chowdhury, two aspiring film photographers who were conducting an analog photography workshop, were also glad to be a part of the event. “Analog photography is not mainstream at the moment and not many people know about it. Our aim is to keep the love for film photography alive and at the same time make people aware of analog photography,” said Zeeshan.