Half the parliamentary assurances remain unfulfilled

Half the parliamentary assurances remain unfulfilled

Half the parliamentary assurances remain unfulfilled

Almost half of the assurances given on the floor of Parliament in the past three years are yet to be fulfilled with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) leading the pack.

Between 2014 and 2017 till now, the government has given 3,998 assurances on the floor of the House, but 49.59% (1,983) of them are yet to be fulfilled.

Assurances given in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha have to be fulfilled within three months. An extension is given only by the Committee on Government Assurances of both the Houses.

Peeved at the delay in fulfilling assurances, a Congress MP in the Rajya Sabha KVP Ramachandra Rao has moved a Private Member's Bill in Upper House to provide a Constitutional guarantee that assurances given would be fulfilled even if they have been given by the previous government..

As per the statistics of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, 419 assurances given by various ministries in 2014 are still pending, while 591 of 2015 are yet to be resolved. During these years, 161 assurances were dropped.

The highest number of pending assurances is that of last year with 902. None of the 71 assurances given this year have been fulfilled, as the three month deadline would end only in May.

Among the ministries, MHA has the highest number unfulfilled assurances with 143. Ministries of Human Resources Development (123), Law and Justice (114), Communications (97) and Environment (93) are among those with large number of unfulfilled promises to Parliament.

The number of assurances given in Parliament is on the decline during the period under analysis. In 2014, the first five months were under UPA while the NDA government came to power in May.