Dope issue: case against BTC officials

Dope issue: case against BTC officials

 A criminal case has been registered against officials of the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) over an incident of a horse that had won a race but tested positive for stimulants.

A complaint was lodged at the High Grounds police station on Wednesday by HS Chandregowda, a committee member of the Karnataka Race Horse Owners Association (KROA), stating that BTC Chief Executive Officer Nirmal Prasad and Chief Stipendiary Officer Paduman Singh used their powers to cover up the doping offence.

The two, along with steward Vivek Ubhayakar, joint-owner Arjun Sajnani and trainer Neil Darashah, were named in the FIR after the police started the investigations.

Chandregowda said during the Winter Season that started in the first week of November last year and ended on March 18, 2017, three winning horses tested positive for stimulants when their urine samples were sent for examinations.

Chandregowda stated that when an incident of doping comes to light, there is a team of officials within the BTC who conduct raids at the respective stables and haul up the trainer and owner and conduct inquiries into the incident and submit a report to the management.

The three race horses tested positive for stimulants were Rafa, Kvasir and Queen Latifa. While Rafa's trainer S Dominic and Kvasir's trainer G Sandhu were hauled up and an inquiry was initiated against them, Queen Latifa's trainer Neil Darashah was let off, with the case closed, Chandregowda stated.

“The case was registered based on a race on March 5. The winning horse tested positive.

“According to the BTC bye-laws, the management is supposed to initiate action, but in this case they did not. We are investigating," said Chandragupta, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central Division.