For a happy belly

For a happy belly

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For a happy belly

One will feel like they’re walking into the world of comics as they enter ‘Cafe Thulp’. Their latest branch in Bellandur is definitely an attraction for those who live in the area.

Known for its generous portions and warm hospitality, the brightly lit restaurant offers everything you
need for a casual dining experience.

The restaurant is tucked away in a lane in Outer Ring Road in Bellandur. If you are heading there in the morning, you can opt for their breakfast menu.

The ‘Frogs in Heaven’ consists of French brioche toast served with cinnamon lemon syrup or banana caramel. If you want something lighter, opt for the ‘Morning benedictions’ which has poached eggs, cheese sauce, grilled ham and spinach served on English muffins.

They also serve ‘dosa’

and ‘chutney’ as part of the menu. As they are known for some sinful combinations of meats, the starters are a great way to begin your dining experience.

 ‘Bangkok dangerous’ — crispy beef with basil, green onion and chilli — is recommended if you can take the ‘ghost chilli’ spice.

You can also opt for ‘Piggy fries’ which is a combination of messy crispy French fries, jalapenos, smoked pulled pork, crispy bacon, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms and cheese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, all grilled well!

If you have room for more, try some of their other options like hot dogs and sandwiches like ‘Mr T’. The enormous burgers are the highlight of the restaurant. The ‘Moo with Bacon and Cheese’, ‘Kulla chicken’, ‘The Gonzeshwara’ and ‘The Imposter’ are some of the tasty burger options to choose from.

‘The Peppery Yakuza’ — grilled fillet beef steak served with mash potatoes and grilled onions —  is a meal by itself.

‘The Kochi Kombuster’ offers Kerala fish or prawn curry with ‘kodampuli’, baby onions, ginger and red chilli served with steamed rice and ginger muster Pancho di.

End your meal on a sweet note with ‘The Tellicherry Tangle’ — rich chocolate cake and Kerala caramelised bananas drizzled with cinnamon rum syrup served with vanilla ice cream. The ‘Pig Pen’ is also a good choice as it offers chocolate and rosemary mud pie with mixed berry compote and heavy cream.
‘Cafe Thulp’ is located at 38, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur. For details, call 49653062.