Holiday of a different kind


Holiday of a different kind

While some students utilise this time to the fullest by indulging in last minute revisions, or studying the portions that they may have left out, others just enjoy the free time before the test begins.

Shwetha, a student of final year BA at Christ University, feels study holidays are just for “namesake”. “Nothing really happens during study holidays. But the advantage of study holidays is that you can set your time accordingly and study whenever you want. You can study late in the nights and get up late as well.” Shwetha’s study holidays span over ten days this year. “Study holidays are important as throughout the year, we are busy with our assignments and don’t get time to study.”

Kavi Nambiar, another student of BCom at Christ, is also of the same opinion. “Whether they are two days long or ten days long, study holidays don’t really make a difference since most of the studying that happens is last minute. At the same time, they are essential because we have a lot to read up on,” he says. Currently, his study holidays are on and Kavi says he is studying a little and enjoying the IPL matches as well. “I do look forward to the study holidays as they serve as a break from college and exams.”

Avinash, a student of BCom at St Joseph’s College of Commerce, will be spending most of his study holidays doing what he is meant to be doing — studying! “Since we just have eight holidays this year, we don’t really have that much of  time to have fun. Had we gotten a month-long holiday, we could have enjoyed,” he feels. “Study holidays are extremely essential as we have huge portions to study.”

Even the leaves that students get in between two exams fall under the category of study holidays. And all the students agree that a majority of studying happens during these holidays only. “That’s when we actually study,” says Kavi. While Avinash feels, “We are under more pressure at that time so we can memorise and prepare better.” According to Shwetha, “That’s the time when we don’t have much of a choice and have to study.”

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