'Segregate waste at source from June 5'

'Segregate waste at source from June 5'

Mayor Kavitha Sanil has called upon citizens to segregate waste at source from June 5 and hand it over to the workers of Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt Ltd who collect and transport all waste from the city to Pacchanady.

Briefing media persons here on Friday, she said the Union Ministry of Urban Development will start an ambitious project of segregating the waste at source before handing it over to the civic workers in 4,041 urban towns from June 5.

In this background, the city corporation has also decided to administer an oath on segregating waste among all corporators, the MCC staff and civic workers, she added.

The citizens should hand over the segregated dry and wet waste to the civic workers who come for door-to-door collection of garbage everyday. The  Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt Ltd has made arrangements to collect and keep the dry waste collected from the households in vehicles.

The segregation of waste at source will help in disposing of the garbage scientifically, the mayor said.

Wet and dry waste
According to the directions of the government, wet waste should be collected in green bin and dry waste in blue bin, she explained.

The wet waste includes kitchen waste, vegetables, fruits, food, chicken waste, rotten vegetables, and fruits, tissue paper and plantain leaves. Such wastes should not be collected in plastic bags, instead it should be directly dumped to the bucket.

The dry waste includes plastic cover, milk packets, chocolate wrappers, paper materials, glass, container, rubber, wooden piece, coconut shells, old clothes, decorative items, and porcelain wares.

In the past, the MCC had deployed a seperate vehicle to collect dry waste from households. As it failed to take off effectively, the MCC has decided to collect dry waste with wet waste on a daily basis, she said.

The mayor said a workshop on use of safety gear while at work for all the civic workers of MCC will be held at Town Hall in Mangaluru at 9 am on June 5.

In addition, a health card will be distributed to all. The workshop will also create awareness on health among the civic workers.

Planting of saplings
To increase the green cover in the city, the mayor said 1,500 saplings will be planted in the city. Minimum of 25 plants will be planted in each ward. The MCC had felled 140 trees in the last three years to take up development works, like widening of the road, drains and others. To compensate for the loss of trees, the saplings will be planted from June 5. The health inspectors have been directed to identify the land for planting saplings in each ward, she said.
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