More substance, less costume

More substance, less costume

More substance, less costume

Wonder Woman
English (U/A) ****
Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Danny Huston
Director: Patty Jenkins

Here comes Wonder Woman packed with more action, more romance and more substance than most DC comics superhero movies.

For starters, we are introduced to the origin of Diana (Gadot) as Wonder Woman on an isolated Amazon island where she is trained to become a fighter. By the time her fighting skills turned her into a deadly opponent for warmongers, Diana had embraced her role as the protector of humanity. One fine day, out of the blue oceans, a World War I jet crashes near the island. There, Diana gets to meet the first man in her lifetime — Steve (Pine), a British agent hunted by Germans. Soon, a combat ensues with the Germans and despite heavy casualties, victory is on her side. Later, convinced by Steve’s story about the war in Europe and how millions were killed, Diana heads to London, a new world order where “slaves” are called “servants”. The two team up with Steve’s friends to save the world from the evil designs of German General Ludendorff (Huston).

Gadot proves herself again that she is not just another pretty face to woo her fans with skimpy outfits. She fits perfectly in her role as Wonder Woman. She can be convincingly fierce and sweetly innocent at the same time. Most of all, she shows the world that Wonder Woman is more than a woman in cutout outfits, but a force to be taken seriously by everyone. No wonder many women were cheering and whistling for their superhero.

Director Patty Jenkins, added women power, and her empathy with Wonder Woman’s character is depicted quite nicely in this epic adventure. Somehow, we are given a feeling that the film is seriously much more than Wonder Woman, the superhero. The focus on fight against evil is loud and clear. Diana is crystal clear about her destiny as a peacekeeper unlike most of her DC colleagues. Kudos to Gadot, the support cast and staff in action and CGI engineers for a well-balanced superhero flick.

It is also difficult to ignore the fact that there is a lot of romance when compared with many superhero flicks. Diana’s love interest Pine gets a much bigger role. In the process, it results in good humour lines to cool the nerves. The love story may be too predictable but it’s difficult to blame Diana for falling madly in love with the first man she meets.

Despite minor issues like lack of details about some of the characters and a predictable plot, Wonder Woman is an amazing film. It is the best yet on a woman superhero.