Rajnath promises to find lasting solution

Rajnath promises to find lasting solution

Rajnath promises to find lasting solution

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday declared that the Centre is moving towards a permanent solution to put an end to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and ensure peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing a press conference to mark three years of the NDA government, he said security forces are at work in the state in this regard and the government has full confidence in them.

“There is no doubt, no confusion that Pakistan is fomenting terror in Kashmir. But we will ensure that terrorism is uprooted from Kashmir soon. The violence will not last long. Separatists cannot be allowed to exploit and mislead Kashmiri youth for their personal benefit,” Singh said.

The minister added that special initiatives are being taken by the government to provide skill and job opportunities to youths in Kashmir.

‘Not for throwing stones’
“Kashmiri hands are not to be used for throwing stones. We are ready for talks with the youth of Kashmir, but there are certain forces that are misguiding them at Pakistan’s behest. We will take the Kashmiris into confidence before reaching a permanent solution,” he said.

However, Singh conceded the problem that has been lingering since 1947 cannot be resolved in a few months.
“It can’t be resolved ‘chutki mein’ (in the snap of a finger). It will require time,” he said.  

“That country (Pakistan) could not handle its eastern part, which has become Bangladesh. Now, they have not been able to handle regions such as Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or Sindh. What dream do they (separatists) cherish when Pakistan cannot handle its own problems?” Singh added.

IS ‘failed’ in India
The minister said the dreaded Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation has been unable to establish itself in India, despite the country having the second highest Muslim population in the world.

“India is the second largest country as far as the Muslim population in the world is concerned. I can say with full responsibility that despite such a large population (of Muslims), IS has not been able to set foot here,” he said.
According to Singh, about 90 IS sympathisers had been arrested across the country.