Monsoon delayed by 3-4 days

Monsoon delayed by 3-4 days

But no cause for anxiety, says Met office

Monsoon delayed by 3-4 days
The monsoon will arrive in Karnataka only towards the end of the week, the weather office said on Monday.

Though the southwest monsoon arrived in south Kerala on May 30, it has remained in that region and not advanced, the India Meteorological Department explained.

“It may take three or four more days for it to arrive in Karnataka,” L Ramesh Babu, director in charge, IMD, Bengaluru, told DH.

Low pressure over the west coast absorbed all the moisture from the land surface, and has affected the rain pattern.

Last week, upper air cyclonic circulation towards Maharashtra took away the moisture, Babu said. The monsoon needs strong winds at a speed of 20 to 35 knots in the west coast to set in here. That is absent, he said.

In Kerala, the monsoon set in two days early, but the low pressure in the Bay of Bengal had delayed its advancement.

But that is no cause for worry. “The IMD Delhi forecast of good monsoon remains,” he said. Since June 1 (the expected date of the onset of monsoon) Bengaluru city, HAL and the international airport have not recorded any rainfall.

Rain in Mangaluru

Rain lashed different parts of Dakshina Kannada since Monday afternoon. Monsoon-like conditions prevailed during the day, forcing people to take out umbrellas and raincoats.

The district received light to moderate rainfall. While Monday remained sunny till afternoon, the sky was overcast later in the day.

The rain brought in pleasant weather, but also led to traffic snarls at many places, including Ambedkar Circle in Mangaluru.

Tumakuru city experienced pre-monsoon showers on Monday evening. Rain lashed Indi and Sindhgitaluks in Vijayapura district.