Solar power project to come up in Hanakon

Solar power project to come up in Hanakon

Thermal plant at the same site shelved

 The company had earlier shelved its proposed plan to set up a thermal power plant  the same site.

The company in its affidavit before the National Environment Appellate Authority,  here said that it planned to set up a 25 MW solar power project.

The company had earlier proposed to set up 300 MW thermal power project in 175 acre land at Hanakon with the investment of Rs 300 crore.

Public concern

 However following the stiff resistance from public, who expressed concern over threat to environment due to fly ash, the company announced to shift the project to Thuthukudi in Tamil Nadu.

“As the required land is with the company, it will construct a solar power project,” the Company Executive Director A N Vasu Rao told Deccan Herald adding that it would be more eco-friendly.

Hanakon thermal power project was the second power project that suffered a set back in Karwar district due to opposition from local as well as environmentalists.

Earlier the Karnataka Government proposed to set up mega thermal power project in Tadadi, however it was later put off.

Now, the Government is planning to set up a gas based power project in the site.