A space for the young

A space for the young

Lively setting

A space for the young
If you’re someone who likes a cross-interactive eatery with activities and themed nights, while digging into your favourite cuisine, ‘What’s in a Name’ in Koramangala is the place to be.

 There is never a dull night here for they encourage young talent to perform and even let you take over the stage, just for old times’ sake! Set up in a way that they can give their clients the best of both worlds,  it provides the young crowd their space in an outdoor seating and the elderly customers a quiet and calm atmosphere within the restro bar.

Head chef Satish Parameshwar believes that global cuisine is the way to go, if you’re looking at a wide target audience. From the classic ‘Coorgi Pandi curry’ to ‘Cheilo kebab’ (an Iranian dish that has been introduced in the city for the first time), they serve it all. The ‘Cheilo kebab’ is interesting as it is served with no gravy,  just like majority of  Iranian cuisine. The bar and kitchen are also pioneers in using a unique ingredient, ‘chinese water chestnut’, in an appetiser.

Batterfried to crispy perfection and coated in a sweet and salty schezwan sauce, the dish ticks all the boxes when it comes to your palate.
The place also serves ‘Bailey’s Irish cream prawns’ that are sauteed in their inhouse Bailey’s liqueur. And the ‘Mallu beef fry’ is an all-time hit. Their rendition of ‘Murgh malai kebab’ with a secret twist will have chicken lovers swooning from the first bite. Even their cocktails and mocktails will see you going for a second round of drinks. 

A classic dessert is sometimes the best and the ‘WIAN choco lava cake’ and ‘Peach melba’ top the list of desserts here. 

They focus on having a different take on even the most commonly available cuisines in the city.

Considering the fact that they are surrounded by five colleges and are located in one of the city’s hotspots, their menu is cut out to be more pocket-friendly to the student and young business crowd.

Sundays make for the best time to catch up with your old buddies or spend a dedicated family day and the WIAN Sunday brunch is a great deal, with unlimited appetisers and beverages. The balcony seating also ensures you can bring in your pet. With classic music from the famous 40s to the nostalgic 90s playing in the background and a wonderful setting, the place offers the perfect ambience for a laid-out meal.

Really, what’s in a name if the vibe and ambience attract you naturally? The place is located at No 146, next to William Penn showroom, Koramangala 5th Block. For details, call 49653529.