Run for fun

Run for fun

The event was formally launched at a city hotel amidst a grand gala consisting of music, glamour and revelry. The marathon, which raised over Rs 1.72 crore last year, will be taking place on May 23 this year. The run comprises World 10K Elite Men and Women, Nation’s Challenge, Senior Citizens Run, Wheelchair Event, Open 10K Run and Majja Run.

Present at the occasion were many dignitaries. Also increasing the glamour quotient of the event was Sandalwood superstar Ganesh, who has been roped in as the brand ambassador for this year’s run. As he addressed the gathering, the Golden Star said, “Last year, I had taken part in the marathon and this year, I am glad to be the face of it. I am so proud to be a Bangalorean.” He smiled, “So come and run with your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend or me.. Oh actually, I will be running with you!” Said Chitranjan Dar, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Foods, “We will do our best to ensure that the participation is larger and the event is on a much grander scale this year.”

An interesting aspect of the event was that soon as one entered, he or she was greeted with an unusual sight — a drum placed on each of the chairs. As people wondered what to expect, little did they know that the best was saved for the last. This was the highlight of the evening — Drum Cafe, a group of four percussionists from South Africa.

As they started playing different beats, they encouraged each member of the audience to beat the drum placed on his or her seat.

So a refreshing drum-beating session left everyone happy and smiling. Not to mention the wonderful performance that the band gave at the end of it.