Happy to venture out

Happy to venture out

Club culture

Happy to venture out

The name of the group speaks volumes about their preferences. ‘Muddie Trails’ brings together a bunch of trip-happy enthusiasts for whom travel is everything — entertainment, passion, a way of life.

Started by software engineer Sreemath Srikanth aka Shirky, the club is completing one and a half years of existence now. “I started it just for fun when I stumbled upon ‘Meetup’ for the first time. But then a lot of people signed up and I thought ‘let’s just go somewhere now’,” says Sreemath. “We have been to many places like Goa, Gokarna, Agumbe, Mangaluru, Chikkamagaluru, Roopkund and so on,” he adds.

Shraddha Porwal, a freelancer, has been with the group since the beginning and is part of the organising team. “Travelling is my hobby. I am a regular with the group now and it has been a great experience so far. Apart from the fun involved in the actual travelling and exploring places, there are also ice breaking sessions to make people comfortable with each other,” she says.

Arjun M, an IT professional, joined the group in order to avoid searching for travel companions on his travels. “We go on short treks during weekends and head on long trips during extended breaks. One of the best things about ‘Muddie Trails’ is that their itinerary is always so well-planned. From the stay to travel to logistics, everything is perfectly organised and taken care of.”

The perfect execution of plans has been learnt the hard way, admits Sreemath. “Our first trip was to Agumbe. It was not so much about the experience as it was about the surprises and lessons received. It took us some time and now we have stabilised and are doing well for ourselves.”

So much so that people who go on trips with them now don’t want to travel with anyone else! “Some of us went to Mangalore over a Christmas weekend. There were 21 of us and we visited quite a few offbeat places like churches and temples along with beaches. Now that group doesn’t even want to travel with other travellers. If we are going someplace, it has to be just us, that’s how well we bonded,” he says with a laugh.

Uttara Nair agrees. The technical writer has been with the club for around a year now and vouches for the fact that travelling with ‘Muddie Trails’ is a thoroughly agreeable and pleasing affair.

“Shirky and Shraddha are open to suggestions and like their fellow travellers engaging with them, even after the trip.”

For Dilip P, an MNC professional, it is hard to pick out a favourite from among the multiple trips he has done with the group. “They have all been great. Like I went to Goa with the members after a really long time. We had a blast. From staying in the beaches till late night to trying out many water sports to even visiting the ‘Saturday Midnight Market’, it was very enjoyable. And you get to meet such a lot of interesting people too.”

Uttara chips in, “The best part is you get to know them over the course of the trip, and that too just the main details. We don’t know their history and there is no judging involved then. It is just a bunch of lively people who go out and travel and bond over that shared experience.”

Rajitha Menon
(The club can be contacted at 9827032009)