Dad's the word

Dad's the word

Cool companion

Dad's the word
Sanjjanaa Galrani

For me, my father is the most supportive person on this planet. He has always been strong and the one my sister Nikki and I could always fall back on.

Even today, when I had some issues with my property, he was the one who helped sort out all the details. He is the best companion I could ask for.

My father has taught me to be the fearless person I am and to take a bold stand, especially when I am not wrong.
On the work front, he has taught me to be independent. Whenever my mother is busy, he accompanies me to my shoots, which is very comforting.”

Shraddha Srinath

My father, Col Satyan Srinath, is a strict disciplinarian. He has always stressed on the importance of punctuality and orderliness. I was raised in a way that I always find it sensible to reach a place 15 minutes before time than be late.

He believes in the saying ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, and I’ve tried to follow that. On the professional front, he has always advised me not to take things for granted and to keep pushing myself to greater heights.” 
Radhika Chetan

“My father taught me to be strong and independent. Believing in oneself and having self-respect are the two other things that he always stresses on.
He says ‘Hardwork always pays’ and I have learnt this from experience. While he has disciplined me, he has also been my pillar of strength.

He doesn’t interfere in my work as he knows that I am wise enough to take the right decisions.

My father is my safety net and I know he will always be there for me.

He knows that I won’t let him down and that keeps me going strong.” 
Sharmiela Mandre

My father is the man behind my success. Thankfully, I have adopted all his good habits, which include being a straightforward person.

When I was a student, he once caught me red-handed when I skipped my tuition and told me to not repeat it again. He didn’t tell my mother then as he knew she would get worried. We have our own secrets. 

He is my biggest critic and I fully trust his words. He tells me what works best for me in my career and where I have gone wrong.

He has also taught me to let go of things, which has helped me a lot.”
Vijay Raghavendra

Whatever I am now, I owe it all to my father.  An important thing I learnt from him is to accept both failures and success with grace. When I was young and ‘Chinnari Mutha’ happened, none of us knew that the movie would do so well. I was a degree student when I wanted to take up acting again and I told my father about this. He then told me that the earlier movies clicked by chance and that it takes a lot of hardwork to prove oneself in the field.”