In a 'bun'ny world

In a 'bun'ny world

In a 'bun'ny world

As schools reopen and Bengalureans reluctantly return after relaxed vacations, Mynt at The Taj West End is holding a wholesome ‘Gourmet Burger Fiesta’ for them.

Handcrafted by executive chef Sandip Narang and his culinary team, this festival takes one on a tour of some creatively crafted and delectable burgers.

The exclusive menu is an amalgamation of red meat, seafood and chicken varieties. It also has options in vegetarian burgers.

From a classic ‘American cheese burger’ to a ‘Chicken and cheese’ one can try out an exciting variety with different  pairings and toppings. One can look forward to the usual flavours like ‘classic sesame’, ‘thyme and parmesan’, ‘steamed bao’ and ‘multi grain’ buns to name a few.

They have also deconstructed the standard burger bun and given it a new twist.

The use of exotic cheeses like ‘brie’, ‘gouda’ or ‘cheddar’ and ‘gorgonzola’ needs a special mention and so do the sides and fries. 

The succulent and tender ‘Chicken BBQ wings’ are a perfect way to start your culinary journey. Follow it with the ‘Crab and artichoke meat’ burger which comes with an artichoke, crab meat patty, tartar sauce, herb butter and brie cheese.  The ‘Pepper blue cheese steak’ burger served in a ‘thyme and parmesan’ bun is also a good option to keep in mind.

The highlight of the menu is the ‘Park Street chilli chicken’ burger, which comes with the steamed bao bun. The chicken patty is paired with ‘kimchi slaw’ and mayo to give the perfect finish. The spicy taste is sure to linger in your mouth.

You can also go back to the classics with the ‘Chicken and cheese’ burger.

Chef Sandip has kept in mind the vegetarians and has crafted two very unusual burgers — the ‘Capresse capresse’ and the ‘Spinach and paneer shikampoori’.

The former has a ‘burrata, tomato jam, pesto and aragula’ filling in a ‘ciabatta’ bun. The ‘Spinach and paneer shikampoori’ also earns a special place with its soft paneer, spinach patty with Amul cheese and mango chutney that is just perfect for the cold weather. There’s also a selection of milkshakes like ‘Not just vanilla’, chocolate shake and the mango milk shake, that one can choose from. With so much to explore in the menu, one is sure to be spoilt for choice.

The ‘Gourmet Burger Fiesta’ will be on till July 1 at Mynt, Taj West End.