Now, a Mayawati temple

Now, a Mayawati temple

Now, a Mayawati temple

Lawyer Kanahiyalal Rajput has moved an application before the tehsildar seeking permission to build a “Mayawati Temple” on his personal land in Nathpur village.

Rajput equated the BSP supremo with Lord Buddha and said that there was nothing wrong in constructing a temple after her. “Mayawati is revered by the dalits and down trodden...she is like a goddess for many people in the country,” Rajput said.

He felt deeply hurt when the opposition parties criticised Mayawati for accepting currency garland during a party rally in Lucknow recently. “People will be able to freely garland Mayawati in the proposed temple,” he said.

Tehsildar Rajesh Shukla has admitted to having received such an application from Rajput. “The administration has nothing to do with the temple construction...if some one wants to build a temple on his land, he is free to do so,” Shukla said.

He, however, said that he has forwarded the application to his senior officials for necessary action. “Since the idol to be installed in the temple will be of a living person, it will be appropriate if prior permission is obtained from her,” he said.

Rajput is however undettered and has approached local BSP leaders to fulfil his wish.

Ex-Armymen to guard monuments

Lucknow, DHNS: Uttar Pradesh government on Friday said that it would recruit ex-Army personnel to guard the memorials and monuments built after dalit icons in the state.
Speaking to reporters here on Friday, Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh said that the state cabinet took the decision to recruit ex-Armymen to guard the memorials and monuments in its meeting, which was presided over by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati.
Singh said that the memorials and monuments of dalit icons in Lucknow and Noida faced a threat from casteist and anti-dalit forces.
The state cabinet, keeping this in view, approved the setting up of a force comprising around 1200 ex-servicemen. The force will be headed by an ex-Army officer of the rank of a colonel, he said.