'I can handle rejection well'

'I can handle rejection well'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'I can handle rejection well'

Actor Shraddha Srinath of ‘U Turn’ fame is busy with ‘Operation Alamelamma’ that will hit the silver screen soon.  She is quite busy in the South Indian scenario and shuttling between sets.
In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the new film.

What makes ‘Operation Alamelamma’ different?
I play Ananya, a teacher. Unlike my other projects ‘U Turn’ and ‘Urvi’ which had serious roles in them, this is character is a lively one. I didn’t want to be typecast.  I want to keep exploring.

How close are you to your role?
Ananya is like a caged bird. She is someone who loves to have fun but is tied down by responsibilities. There is a constant conflict in her mind. I’m very close to her as I like enjoying every moment of my life though I’m not bogged down by responsibilities.

So you’re a fun-loving person?
Let’s just say that in certain groups, I’m the one who enjoys other people’s jokes. And in others, I’m the one cracking them.

What can the audience look forward to in ‘Operation Alamelamma’?
Rishi’s (the actor) and my chemistry has come out well on screen. The story is written by Suni sir, who has many successful stories to his credit.  People love his writing. The music of the film has also turned out well. If the music of a film clicks with the audience, the movie stands a chance. The audience is hungry for good scripts now.

Any challenges you faced for the role?
I had to work on my Kannada and my accent a lot. I had to mouth the lines and adapt the body language of the character. I had to look like a localite — a typical Bengaluru middle-class girl.
Dubbing is a challenge for me as it is the true test of one’s acting.

Can you narrate a funny incident from the sets?
We were shooting montages in and around Bengaluru and there is a hill near the airport and standing on the edge is quite scary. The scene has my character bravely clicking selfies and Rishi’s character had to look scared. However, in reality, I was the one who is scared of heights and I was sweating!

Something you found about yourself recently...
I can handle rejection well. I’m a very strong person and enjoy taking up challenges.

Changes in the industry that you’ve noticed...
The audience has been accepting new and innovative stories.

A few things you will never be seen without...
I always step out of the house with my handbag which will have a lip balm, sunglasses,
mobile phone and powerbank.

One thing the world doesn’t know about you yet...
When Hrithik Roshan got engaged, I locked myself in a room and cried my heart out. I was crazy about him.

What’s next?
I’m awaiting the release of Tamil movies ‘Vikram Vedha’, ‘Richie’ and ‘Ivan Thanthiran’. I’m also working in a Telugu project.