A twist in the taste

A twist in the taste

Varied fare

A twist in the taste

If you are looking for a place that serves the ‘desi’ and global palate alike, ‘Glocal Junction’ is probably the name you should look out for.

Located in the busy streets of Indiranagar, this place offers an array of ‘global-local’ delights — just what the name promises.

The restaurant has been churning out delicacies for almost a year and has recently launched a new menu to mark their first anniversary.

Arab ki thali’, ‘rice conjee with grilled fish’, ‘kadai mushroom with potato rosti’, ‘tandoori dim sum’ are some of the fast-moving items in the new menu.

Start your meal with some of their signature drinks. The unique flavours are complemented by the creative presentations and quirky packaging like test tubes, paper boxes and even zip lock bags.

As you sip on your drinks, look through the starters and ask for a plate of ‘Dynamite prawns’. Sweet and salty with a hint of spice, this is sure to be a great start to your meal. However, the ‘Cheese and chicken bombs’ could have had more filling as you tend to taste more of the crust than the cheese.  

If you are a pizza lover, go for their ‘Meat ultimo pizza​’. The thin crust pizza is well cooked and has different kinds of chicken toppings like salami and sausages to chicken cubes and more.

The menu has ample options for vegetarians as well. One can choose between ‘Barbecue veg grill’, ‘Grilled tofu with sriracha sauce’ and ‘​Veg ultimo pizza’ to kickstart the meal.

Since all their dishes come in generous portions,  make sure you don’t stuff yourself up with the starters as that leaves no room to explore.

In the main course, make sure to give the ‘Rice conjee risotto with soya grilled fish’ a try. The finely cooked rice risotto will melt in your mouth and the spiced grilled fish, which is  soft and succulent,  will just add more flavour to your food. 

‘Kachapuri’ is another non-vegetarian dish that you can try. At first sight, it looks like a thick crusted pizza topped with a poached egg,  but it’s actually baked chicken. Not everyone may find the taste appealing, but it is worth a try. The ‘Kadai mushroom with potato rosti’ is a good option for vegetarians.

 By this time, you might be feeling a bit full, but we’re not done just yet. After all, there is always room for desserts, and you don’t want to miss out on the new additions to the menu. This is especially true for the ‘Red velvet cheesecake’, which takes you on a sweet sojourn with every bite you take.
With a little bit of everything, this place is just right for an evening out with friends. Spacious and airy, the place has two floors of comfortable seating and is great for big groups.

Glocal Junction, 2986, Ashwani Complex, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar. For details call 65604999.