Let's tikka look!

Let's tikka look!

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Let's tikka look!
Even with a large number of restaurants mushrooming in the city, there are only a few that have made a mark amongst the foodies.

One often looks for quantity and quality but somehow many eating joints fail to offer a mix of both. But that’s not the case with ‘Tandoor and Spice’.

It has a relaxed ambience that is just perfect to enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner. Located in JP Nagar 7th Phase, ‘Tandoor and Spice’ is a good option for a weekend outing with your family and friends.

Overlooking the Kalyani Magnum Tech Park, the view of the luscious greenery gives you a calm feeling as you settle in for the meal.

The menu is not too complicated as you’ll find the usual ‘biryani’, ‘kebab’, ‘Chinese starters’ and so on. The North Indian and Hyderabadi dishes offered here are worth a try. The food offered is cooked to perfection and the variety of flavours ensures that you don’t feel like you’re eating the same dish over and over again.

 So start your meal with their selection of soups and salads. The ‘tandoor’ starters like ‘Paneer tikka’, ‘Kandari kebab’ and ‘Hariyali kebab’ are recommended. The ‘paneer’ is soft and juicy and the added spices linger in your mouth.

It’s probably the marination that gives the meat items that ‘oomph’ factor. Each bite will make you feel like it’s your first. If you want to have Chinese starters, the restaurant offers dishes like ‘Mushroom manchurian’, ‘Pepper chicken’ and chef’s recommended ‘French chicken’. They also serve seafood starters.

For the main course, the ‘biryani’ is a must-have. Whether it is a ‘Chicken dum biryani’ or ‘Veg dum biryani’, the satisfaction derived from the simple dish is great. The masalas are mixed well, leaving you with just enough for little ‘raita’ and gravy. The ‘Mutton dum biryani’ is also worth a try. The meat falling off the bone is what makes it ‘finger licking’ good.

However, if you want to have the Indian bread instead, you can choose from ‘Butter naan’ and ‘Tandoor roti’ and pair it with curries like ‘Kadai paneer’, ‘Dal takda’, ‘Murg hara dhaniya’ or ‘Kadai gosht’. You can also have noodles like ‘Schezwan noodles’ or ‘Schezwan fried rice’ from the Chinese section.

The quantity of the dishes offered is good enough for two. It might be slightly heavy on the pocket but if it’s quality that you’re looking for, this is worth it. The staff are also very courteous and will attend to you whenever needed. Finish the meal with beverages and head back home with a smile on your face.

‘Tandoor and Spice’ is located at  21, 1st Floor, Kalyani Magnum Tech Park, Next to Oracle, 7th Phase, JP Nagar. For reservation, call 65651010.