Boucher vouches for Virat

Boucher vouches for Virat

Boucher vouches for Virat

joyful A reliable keeper.

Ask the South African cricketer Mark Boucher of Royal Challengers Bangalore, if there is anything else he enjoys apart from cricket and he responds with a heavy accent, “Golf and getting into the bushes.” Give him a confused look and he immediately explains, “I love being with nature. I like all places that are green and filled with trees. That’s  most relaxing.”

The lush greenery and fast lifestyle that Mark has seen in India have completely bowled him over. Mark explains how each visit of his to the country has been a special one. From the sightseeings to the interactions with people, Mark is full of interesting memoirs.

The most special one so far though, has been his visit to the Taj Mahal. “A trip to India is never complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal,” he adds. But amongst all of the IPL seasons, if he had to pick one favourite, Mark says the last season will be his choice. “The boys had all come over to my home country and it was great fun having them around.”

Getting back to his first love — cricket, he says that the IPL has been a great platform for showcasing talent and if given a chance, he would play for any team. “That’s the beauty of the IPL — the focus is not on where you come from, but how well you play the game. When I get into a team, I don’t go around asking people which country are you from? That’s never on my mind. For me, everyone is equal,” he says.

And a similar feeling is extended when it comes to being a “senior” in the team. “Yes, I am a senior as I have been in this field for a long time. But that does not mean I don’t blend with the others. I have always been open to newcomers and have helped them out with their game. I do hope that they make use of the opportunity,” says Mark.

The team RCB, he says, is filled with talent. Is there any player who, he feels, will go a long way in the game? “Players like Virat Kohli don’t come easy in the game,” he says while adding, “I would like to warn the Indian T-20 cricket that Virat is one tough character to watch out for. And he has every right to be upset now as he hasn’t been selected to play the World Cup. But I am sure he will reach there someday.”