Today's letters

Today's letters


Care for the Citizen of B’lore


The BJP has reason to gloat over its maiden triumph in the BBMP elections. But it has to show that it cares for the citizens of Bangalore and take measures to redress longstanding problems of the metropolis. Priority should be given to improve supply of power and water and easing road traffic.

D B N Murthy




Party over the best candidate

The results of the recently held BBMP elections have shown that people of Bangalore have selected political party rather than the quality candidates. The citizen candidates were not able to garner votes. Hope the BJP strives for the development of Bangalore without any excuses now.

N Mukund


Mangalore University’s Honorary Doctorate Degree


Mangalore University has a tradition of awarding the Honorary Doctorate Degree (PhD, honorees cause) to a large number of ‘public’ figures, including politicians (this time seven doctorates). Perhaps this is the only university in the world that is so generous and magnanimous in awarding the highest academic degree to so many persons, outside the academic fraternity.

Through the normal academic program, a candidate has to slog a certain number of years to earn his / her doctorate degree.  As the years pass by, Mangalore University may have more honorary doctorates than the doctorates produced through its normal academic channel. It is also a convention that an awardees receiving the honorary degree is not supposed to affix the symbol of this degree, ‘Dr.’ against his name if has not earned one.

SND Poojary,

Miramar Goa

Oppositions’ accept defeat gracefully

The long-awaited results of the BBMP election are out with the BJP winning a clear majority. Congress had to satisfy with second position and the JD (S) registering a dismal performance by occupying distant third position.  There is a need for the leadership of both the Congress and the JD (S) parties for self-introspection of the reverses suffered by accepting the defeat gracefully.
There is no point in blaming the BJP government by both the parties whose inability to contain or withstand the popularity enjoyed amongst the electorate.  It is obvious that Congress suffered intrinsic dissension, internal strife and open revolt in selection of candidates which cost the party dearly.  The JD (S) justifying selection of its candidates with criminal records and also openly giving statements that the party is not bothered about the votes of Bangaloreans sometime back, these factors worked against the party.  On the part of BJP, party should say good bye to  ‘Operation Kamala’ and should straight away get into the business without wasting time by giving good administration to solve the civic problems besetting the citizens.