When age is just a number

When age is just a number

When age is just a number
With the increasing need to be selfie-ready and to age gracefully, plastic surgery is becoming a common phenomenon. Of late, more and more people are opting for minimally invasive procedures to look younger.

Today, plastic surgery is all about bringing subtle changes in your looks. Gone are the days of people flaunting overly smooth faces, inflated lips or plumped up cheeks, which are achieved with excessive Botox fillers and surgical facelifts. Plastic surgery has evolved and treatments have been refined to achieve a more natural look.

Most of these procedures involve injectables or fillers that are made of non-animal biodegradable gel composed of hyaluronic acid, that adds volume to skin, and smoothens facial folds and wrinkles.

Liquid facelifts

One of the most popular treatments like the surgical facelift is fast being replaced by liquid facelifts. The liquid facelift is a technique where dermal fillers are injected to lift and contour facial features. This procedure provides a gentle lift to facial features, reduces
wrinkles, creases, restores the contours of your face, thus giving it a more rested energetic look.

Here are some of the advantages of liquid facelifts:

It is a less invasive technique, with no significant downtime following the procedure.

It gives a more natural-looking result than what is achieved after a traditional facelift.

It leaves no scars and doesn’t give you a pulled-tight feel.

The procedure costs much less than the surgical one.

For beautiful eyes

Dark under-eye circles is a common problem across age groups. As we age, the fat pads that support the lower eye shrink in volume, creating a sunken hollow and giving us a tired appearance. Tear trough augmentation procedure involves using an injectable filler that reduces hollowing under the eyes, creating less of a shadow. It also smoothens the visible puffiness.

The vampire facelift

This is another injectable procedure where the patients’ blood or plasma is injected into the skin for facial rejuvenation. One of the biggest advantages here is the minimal downtime. Moreover, it has no side effects, as the patient’s own blood is used for the procedure.

Chin & jawline contouring

Strong chins and defined jawlines are a rage these days. With the androgynous trend becoming so popular in the fashion world, this procedure helps one get that chiselled look.

Before chin augmentation, implants were the only options available. However, implants cannot be adjusted based on patient’s facial profile and needs.

But with these fillers, the results can be patient specific and can be done to change the shape of the face as well. Other newer indication fillers can be used for acne scars, hand rejuvenation and to get rid of neck bands.

(The author is a consultant dermatologist.)
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