'Gather lucid details on kavals before making statements'

'Gather lucid details on kavals before making statements'

Greens flay Western Ghat Task Force President Ananth Hegde Ashisaras statement

'Gather lucid details on kavals before making statements'

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Bhadra Wildlife Conservation Trust Founder Trustee D V Girish said that there is lot of difference between evergreen forests in Malnad region which receives heavy rainfalls and kavals in plains where the rainfall is considerably less. The flora and fauna found in these two regions are also different.

He said that the statement of Ashisara that more lakes or tanks should be constructed at Basrur kaval to improve the underground water level in plains is totally unscientific. “The Kavals in the plains receive less rainfall but the rain that is received is percolated into the underground water naturally by the grass grown in these regions,” he said and added that if tanks and lakes are constructed with the aim of improving underground water level then the whole natural system of water percolation will be destroyed, thereby causing the threat of water evaporating.

He said that the grass grown at kaval is the main food for the Amruth Mahal cattle and since adequate quantity of fodder is available to the cattle at the Kaval, there is no need for growing fodder. “If we maintain Amruth Mahal kaval as it is, that is the greatest help we could do on the cattle,” he said and added that scrub jungle has its own distinct features and it is the safe abode for black buck, fox, sand grouse and other 150 species of birds.

He said that there are lakes in Basur Kaval, water from which is adequate for the animals and added that if plantations are developed in this region, it will change the environment in the region.

Sridev Hulikere from Wildlife First said that Ashisara should have discussed about destruction of forest at Balur Reserve Forest during the meeting held recently at Mudigere Pravasi Mandir. he should have got information about the illegal road construction activity taken up in Balur Reserve Forest, which is one of the most important Evergreen forests of the State. “Though media has been carrying several reports on the same, Task force President has forgotten to visit the spot. This is making way for suspicion,” he said.

Mullaiahnagiri forgotten
He said that, Ashisara, who came till Chikmagalur, did not bother to have a look at the Mullaiahnagiri hills, where Shola forests have been levelled and concrete works have been taken up. He said that with such namesake visits, Ashisara will not address any important environmental issues of the Western Ghats.
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