It's raining cars at service stations

It's raining cars at service stations

Car service stations in Bengaluru are having a heyday with a huge influx of cars requiring servicing, after being awash in the deluge earlier this week.

Hundreds of vehicles got damaged after they got submerged in the heavy downpour on the intervening night of August 14-15. Major car dealers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and others have seen cars constantly come in for service over the last week.

Raju, a service manager at Audi says, they have enough staff to handle the number of cars coming in for now, but will be unable to cope if this continues. “We are well equipped to handle the crisis, but if it escalates we might have to ask our partners in various states to send men. We are in talks with our Chennai counterparts,” he said. He went on to add that they had set up teams which were working overtime to finish the servicing of cars in the bay and may have to work even on Sunday.

Siddarth Rishi Battula

Bengaluru: Tuesday’s downpour has left several swanky cars in need of expensive repairs.

Service centres across Bengaluru have seen a huge increase in the number of cars coming in for repairs. Most need electrical and upholstery repairs.

Garages servicing Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford have a tough weekend ahead, with a heavier-than-usual workload.

Raju, manager of an Audi showroom on St Mark’s Road, said 15 cars were lined up for rain-related repairs and servicing.

Most cars are insured, but not all repairs and replacements are covered. The cars were parked in basements or in low-lying areas when the skies opened up on August 15.

“This is the first time so many cars have come in at once. Separate teams are working round the clock to repair them as soon as possible,” he told DH.

If it continues to rain and more cars need repairs, mechanics from Chennai will be called in, he said.

A Mercedes Benz employee said some 115 were lined up for rain-related repairs. BMW and Ford service stations contacted by DH said they had received 30 cars each.

Receiving the highest rainfall for August in 127 years, some Bengaluru neighbourhoods came to a standstill on Tuesday. Car parks were flooded, leaving many vehicles in need of repairs.

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