Lucky bracelet

Most of us are not superstitious but we do have a lucky stone or a lucky day or even a lucky dress. I have a lucky bracelet. A bracelet that always gets me through everything.
A couple of days ago, I thought I had lost everything, might be a bit of exaggeration to everybody else but I lost my lucky bracelet. It was the most precious thing to me and I had put it in such a safe place that I thought of it as impossible of being lost. 

When Emily moved into the house next door, I just knew she was trouble. I felt that she thought way too much of herself and things got very competitive between us. We would play chess and she would win almost every time, we would play basketball and history would repeat itself. All my friends seemed to like her a lot and I would feel left out.
Just when I thought things could not get much worse, boom! There she was, at my school, sitting at the desk beside mine and as if that was not bad enough all my teachers absolutely loved her. They were charmed by her poetry; they were amazed at her ability to solve trigonometry problems so perfectly. She was almost impeccable and someone you could only dream of competing with. Now, getting to my story, I invited a few friends over to my place a few days ago. As I had no choice, I invited Emily as well. Everything was going great until after the party when I just could not find my top or my bracelet or my earrings. I searched everywhere and I could not find it. I was sure that Emily had taken it as she probably knew how much that meant to me. The next day, early in the morning Emily was at my doorstep. I was really upset and not in a mood to entertain so I just cut to the chase and asked her what she wanted. She stuffed her head into her back pack and pulled out something purple and glittery, something that looked very pretty, and something that was mine. It was my bracelet and I just had this uncontrollable urge to rip her head off.

She coolly looked at me and asked me whether I knew who the bracelet belonged to saying that it had fallen into her bag and that she had ‘accidentally’ taken it. I was so sure that she had taken it that I just exploded into fumes. I however, did not believe her and told her so. I was glad I got the bracelet but still mad at Emily, but now she and me are good friends.

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