Today's letters

Today's letters


Of the Naxalite menace
In the context of the ever-increasing naxalite menace in some parts of the country, political pundits are often citing the example of the success achieved by the Andhra Pradesh government in tackling the scourge. However, it would be appropriate if we take a leaf out of the Sri Lankan army’s concerted and well-coordinated campaign against the LTTE, which resulted in ending the armed separatist movement once for all.

Jorhat Singh



Popularise IPL worldwide
IPL-3 is proving to be interesting; barring Mumbai Indians who are already qualified and Punjab -IX whose chances are remote, all the other teams are on their toes to enter semis. In fact, T-20 league is developing like Foot Ball league in England and other European nations. If ICC employs some innovative measures world wide to popularize the game show casing T20 format, cricket will also earn the reputation like Foot Ball and Tennis as widely played sport.   

War be fought with limited range nuclear devices

If proxy war between nations is fought with AK 47 assault rifles and shoulder propelled guided missiles; why not with limited range nuclear devices? Since Pakistan has already extended in the past state sponsored terrorism to India armed with conventional weapons, there is every possibility of it taking coverage under alleged terrorists and send nuclear weapons for destruction to India.

Kalyan Deb
Dubai, UAE

Act only against ‘male member’

While hearing the petitions filed under the Domestic Violence Act, various courts have interpreted its Provisions from different angles. However, the concerned clause in the Act specifically states that an aggrieved woman can lodge a complaint under the said Act only against a male member in the family. As such, all the female relatives of the affected woman are outside the ambit of the said enactment.

Vineet Phadtare



Site not in sight

This is regarding the bad experience I have undergone with MUDA Mysore regarding site.

My daughter Deepa S Mithra, had applied for a 15X24 M site on 23-08-2005 (Appln No A00130343, Regn No 110366) after paying Rs 39,100 as deposit under sports quota as she had represented Karnataka in throw ball in State Olympics representing Bangalore University for Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley ball etc during her college days in BMS.I wrote several letters to MUDA to know whether she has been allotted a site, and whether or not they are sending back the deposit. I haven’t received any response yet. Even when I went to Mysore to meet the Commissioner but he was busy. Their web site says record not found. If my letters are not reaching the commissioner I thought of sending a mail if any of the readers tell me the email ID of the commissioner MUDA.


Mob 9481036304 


A mercy petition to the President for clemency?
A private TV Channel has shown the clips of a speech being delivered by the Home Minister of Maharashtra. He has loudly proclaimed, in no uncertain terms, that the only terrorist captured alive during the 26/11 carnage, would be sent to the gallows. Nobody in the country would have a slightest doubt about the outcome of the ongoing cases in the matter. But, will the pronouncement of a capital punishment for the accused, deprive him of his most potent weapon in his armory; viz, a mercy petition to the President for clemency? Such an action on his part would ensure him of a minimum of half-a-decades life at the cost of the tax payer the reason being---there are 87 more privileged souls in the queue who are awaiting their fate for nearly 10 years as on today. The Union Home Ministry is weighing the "pros and cons" of each case on its individual "merit"
Arun Malankar