Rama and the robber

Rama and the robber

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Rama and the robber

 It was a beautiful garden with many kinds of flowers and they had taken many packets of nice snacks with them and they had enjoyed themselves immensely.

 They had many friends and spent a long time speaking to each of them, sharing their snacks. The evening was filled with fun and Seetha told Rama 'Being here is more fun than being in our apartment, so we must come here every day'. Rama said 'You are right, Seetha. Whenever I do not have much office work to do as King of our Rajya, we will try to come here and enjoy ourselves'

Being very tired after the day in the garden, they ate dinner soon and were sitting in their drawing room. Sometime later Lakshamana, Urmila and Hanuman dropped in and Seetha told them about their evening in the garden.

Rama told his brother, 'O Lakshmana, you must also go there and think of how to make the place even more lovely. See if we should plant some mango, jackfruit, guava and  other trees also in that garden'. Lakshmana said 'Respected brother, we can even provide more space and playthings for children who come there' When they were chatting, they heard a big noise  behind their apartment. Hanuman went there immediately and saw a thief running with a bag. A back window was open and it was clear the thief had got inside and got out from there.

In the monkey language Hanuman instructed his assistants to catch the intruder. After a long chase the thief was caught by the monkey brigade and taken to jail. '

You will have to explain your behaviour to Sri Ram tomorrow morning in his office' said the commander of the monkey brigade. He took away the bag which contained Sita's jewellry and costly sarees and restored it to Sita.

When he was taken to Rama's court the next day the thief was shivering with fright. He stood with bent head when Rama asked him 'My dear fellow, why did you do this? Do you know you can be punished severely for stealing others' property?'

 The thief replied 'O Lord, my name is Chinnu. I know I did something very, very bad. I was in big debt and did not know how to clear it. Please forgive me'.  Sri Ram smiled at him and said 'Chinnu, if everyone thought like you and resorted to stealing to solve one's own problems, the whole of Ram Rajya  will be a place of thieves and no one can live in peace. Is that what you want?' Chinnu replied 'No Maha Prabhu. You are very right, of course. Please give me the severest of punishment'

Sri Ram then consulted his ministers and sages who said 'Why not reform this man?'. So Sri Ram told Chinnu 'I will send you now to jail. If you have truly realized you have committed an offence, you must make amends by helping our police force to throw in jail other criminals and by teaching them to become good citizens. Being a thief yourself you will surely know who the other thieves are. After some time you can be a free man. Do you accept?'

Chinnu decided to become a good man himself first and accepted Rama's suggestion.
He became a model prisoner, became a devoted Ram bhakta and reformed many bad people. He built a temple of Sri Ram in a village people later named Chinnapura and lived for many years singing songs on Sri Ram.

Charanya, 7 years
Standard 1,
Sophia High School

You must read this poem


The moon’s roses are very odd,
Each one the size of a turkey,
Over the fields they ponderously plod
Since their flight is dangerously jerky
They lay eggs
With one long ear and three rabbity legs
And hatch them by pulling their
spigots out like kegs

Ted Hughes

Mr Golden Sun

Hurray! The summer holidays are here
For which we all waited for a year

The young kids joyously shout
And within a minute they are out.
Cricket is a very popular game
Every single road has a wicket to claim

To and fro the laughing kids run
Oh! They are having so much fun.
Cheerfully many play shuttle-cock
At times forgetting to keep an eye
on the cock

Sunshine brings a smile on every face
Waking and playing at quite a fast pace
Spreading enthusiasm and cheer
all around

No where in town a sad face be found
Summer is waited on by every
school child

When it arrives kids simply go wild
Now let's have fun in these holidays
bathing ourselves in Mr.Golden Sun's rays!

Sindhu Srinath
10th Standard
Yasha AraLu mallige,Chitradurga

My dear dad!

My dear dad
 God is for you
But you are for me
The shore is for you

But the waves are for me
The sky is for you
But the stars are for me
The words is for you
But you are the world for me
You always have the bitter
But you  always tell me
To have butter
You always take to
yourself sorrow
But you gave the smile to me

Your good heart is forever for me
You are my God
You always tell me not to
do wrong
My dear Dad,
You are my friendly guide.

R Pavan Kumar
VIII ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s School