Decor that's in sync with nature

Decor that's in sync with nature

Decor that's in sync with nature

To make our homes beautiful and comfortable, we adorn it with  elegant and luxurious accessories. However, it is essential to choose these accessories wisely. With every purchase for your home, you are portraying a part of your personality and the way you choose to live. Choosing not to harm the environment makes choosing sustainable decor easy. It is not a fad like many would like to believe. Instead, it is a way of life that holds many benefits for you and the planet today and in the future. They create an impression of rawness and class and lends style, elegance to our homes.

Sustainable practices in decor allow home-makers to reduce their carbon footprint while still incorporating beautiful elements of design. Sustainable materials kill the feel of synthetic materials and make the home natural, thereby creating a connection with nature. Going eco-friendly is taking centre stage in homes. Whether you choose organic sheets and bedding in your bedroom or enjoy a bubbling zen fountain in your home, nature can fit itself into any space of your life.

The incorporation of eco-friendly, organic textiles to spruce up your home can completely change the feel and aura of your 'sanctuary'. Natural, breathable material used for bedding feels warm, inviting and happy. Furthermore, it naturally provides respite from the hot and sweltering climate of our country. Organic materials can also be sewed onto headboards and upholstery to make it more chic and alluring.

It is a great option if you simply seek to create a healthy, non-toxic living environment. Conscious consumers who've learned about the health risks of toxic chemicals also demand fabric safety. In terms of aesthetics, this makes way for a raw inherent luxury, bringing you closer to nature.  The richness, comfort, durability and feel of the natural textiles symbolise responsible comfort and luxury integrated organically.

Luxury, at its essence, is very close to sustainability as it is nourished by uniqueness, timelessness and heritage, and all overlap with the ideology of sustainability. I have been asked very often if I think natural materials can make luxurious products. And I do!

Luxury, for me, is knowing that the decor in my home is chic and contemporary, yet harmless. The quintessentially raw aesthetic feel of these materials allows me to connect the past to the present and that is a luxurious item in itself for me. A decor product that can remind me of the feel of my grandma's house and yet be contemporary and relevant today is what I call luxury.

It opens the possibility to bring the special feeling of the material into space. Nonetheless, it is more a lifestyle choice rather than a choice exercised for a selected few products in your life. Hence, the same should be extended to home and home decor as well in order to promote and enhance healthy living  and bring to fruition the vision of truly sustainable  environment.

In addition, as compared to other products, sustainable products have a conscious edge. Upcycling gives an item a better purpose. One can enjoy the artistic aesthetic, with upcycled items rivalling those found in high-end department stores. The long and short of this is that upcycling makes a positive impact on the environment. It only requires your own creativity and elbow grease.

Sustainability is a core, fundamental concept at the heart of the organic movement, so it can be a good choice for those who are intent on looking after the environment and improving it for future generations.  

The same concept can be integrated at home effectively. Any product that does not harm the environment during or after its use is a good choice for your home. So, go ahead, adopt the 'green' mantra and make your small, yet significant contribution towards Mother Nature!


(The author is founder & CEO, TUNI Tales)


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