My son is 12 years old, 150 cm tall and weighs 54 kg. He complains of pain in his chest (left side). His weight gain in the last two months is nearly 7 kg. I need a diet plan for him. He is a very active; involved in sports and dance. Should I subject him to any tests?

A From the brief description which you have provided of your son’s symptoms (chest pain and rapid weight gain), it looks like an issue of the pituitary gland to me. You should get his blood tests done immediately and get him examined by a doctor.

In essence, the pituitary gland releases a hormone called the growth hormone. The quantity and frequency of growth hormone in children varies according to their hereditary characteristics and physical activity. However, in some children, there is an unusual amount of release of the growth hormone, which in turn, speeds up the growth of the body in terms of weight and height. The rapid weight gain could be causing stress on the heart to supply blood to all parts of the body at the same rate of growth and thus the chest pain, perhaps.

Your son’s daily meal plan should include five servings of fruits and vegetables,  five servings of whole grain breads and cereals, 2 servings of reduced fat milk and milk products, two servings of lentils/ pulses/ lean meats or eggs. Does the chest pain increase when he plays games or dances? If not, then he could continue with the activities. But it is advised that you consult a physician at the earliest.