Man transporting cows found dead in Rajasthan

Man transporting cows found dead in Rajasthan

Man transporting cows found dead in Rajasthan

The relatives of a 35-year-old man in Rajasthan have alleged that cow vigilantes shot him dead while he was transporting cows from Alwar to Bharatpur.

The body of Umar Khan, a dairy farmer, was found on a railway track on Friday evening.

On Sunday, Khan's relatives identified his bullet-ridden body. The relatives alleged that Khan was shot dead by cow vigilantes in Alwar's Govindgarh area on Friday.

A complaint was lodged on Sunday by Khan's relatives. Rahul Prakash, a police officer at Alwar Police Station, said, "Umar Khan's body was kept in a mortuary. The FIR has the statement of his family, who allege that Khan and two of his relatives had been attacked by cow vigilantes while they were bringing home cows they had bought."

One relative, 42-year-old Tahir Khan, has been admitted to a hospital in Jirka Ferozpur, Haryana. He has sustained gunshot wounds to his shoulder, while another relative, 28-year-old Javed Khan, is missing.

On Friday, the police recovered an abandoned pick-up truck which was ferrying six cows, of which one was dead.

The Alwar Police had seized the vehicle and registered a case under the Rajasthan Bovine Act, which prohibits cattle slaughter, and regulates migration and export of the animal.

"We are investigating and we are yet to find any connection between the two incidents," Prakash added.

In April, Pehlu Khan, a 51-year-old dairy farmer from Haryana, was beaten to death in Alwar's Behror area. The incident sparked nationwide outrage against cow vigilantes.