'I am a total workaholic'

'I am a total workaholic'

'I am a total workaholic'

He's a familiar name in the music industry. Anish Sood, DJ and music producer, was one of the initial entrants into the dance music industry. This was at a time when the concept was just picking up in the country.  

He entered the field at the age of 16 with no formal education.  With a mechanical engineering degree, he has travelled a long way since and is arguably the biggest name in the Indian dance music scene. He is also a regular performer at the biggest music festivals in India.

He has performed at 'Sunburn Festival', 'Tomorrowland UNITE', 'Storm Festival' and 'India Bike Week', to name a few. He was recently in the city to perform at 'Loft 38'. Anish spoke to Anila Kurian about his busy schedule and about his debut album.

What was it like performing in Bengaluru?  

It was fantastic. The crowd was great and I had a lot of fun!

You're known as the busiest DJ. How do you unwind?

Well, I just try and catch up on some sleep. I also workout religiously during the week and try to catch up with my friends for quiet dinners.  

What according to you is the best part of being a DJ?  

I think the best part is that we get to share the music we love with people and watch them go through the process of listening to something for the first time.  

And is there a worst part?  

The worst part, as cliched as it sounds, has to be the travel and late nights. It definitely takes a toll on your body and can have serious long-term repercussions if you don't balance your lifestyle.  

How do you define your music?  

House music with pop sensibilities.  

You've worked with a lot of international  artistes. What's the best lesson you've learnt from them?

Professionalism. They are so focussed and punctual, it's something we can really learn from them as a country in whole.    

Tell us a little bit about your debut album.

The album draws heavily from my teenage years when I was listening to a lot of jazz, rock and pop. When I decided it was finally time to write an album, I wanted a fresh unique sound and exceptional songwriting. Hence I temporarily moved base to Los Angeles with absolutely no expectations or pre-conceived ideas. I then got to work with some of the best talents and I'm really happy with the end result. While the primary genre is house music, the album also embraces pop, funk, disco and techno elements.

What are some of the goals that you want to achieve in the future?

Just make great music and art. I truly believe that if you focus on making great content, everything else follows.

What are some of your other interests?

I really enjoy taking pictures. I'd probably be a photographer if I wasn't a musician.

What do you usually do when you're not working or thinking about working?


Thinking about why I'm not working (laughs)! I am a total workaholic so if I'm not working I'm probably sleeping.


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