Modi: It was all over in minutes, but...

Modi: It was all over in minutes, but...

]He said the officials saw the documents related to bidding by new franchisees owned by Sahara and Kochi consortium as well as those related to other IPL franchisees. “They were very much satisfied. We are a public body and if they have more queries, we will answer them,” he said.

Modi rubbished media reports that his laptop was seized and unaccounted cash recovered from his office. “Ninetynine per cent of stories being put out by the media are untrue,” he claimed.

According to I-T sources, the agency, apart from probing the sources bankrolling the cash-flush league, is looking into whether ill-gotten money stacked away in tax havens like Mauritius, has made its way into the IPL.

Giving another twist to the murky IPL saga, Kochi franchise spokesman and former MP Satyajit Gaekwad had alleged that the IPL boss was acting under pressure from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who after failing to secure a franchise for the state-based Adani Group, wanted the Kochi franchise to shift base to Ahmedabad.

Gaekwad, however, later retracted his statement. In a related development, Pawar virtually ruled out the possibility of Shashank Manohar to be appointed co-chairman of IPL.