Forum to oppose untimely inauguration of hospital building

Forum to oppose untimely inauguration of hospital building

Sarkari Aspatre Ulisi Horata Samiti has demanded transparency in the decision taken by the government to inaugurate the hospital building on November 19 even before the completion of the structure. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is expected to inaugurate the facility on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Sarkari Aspatre Ulisi Horata Samiti member Yogish Shet said that district in-charge minister Pramod Madhwaraj should brief the media about the intentions of the government with regard to the inaugural ceremony of an incomplete maternity and children's hospital built by BRS Ventures. The Samiti is staging a protest at Ajjarkadu on November 19 to protest against the inaugural ceremony of the hospital.

He said that the government must reveal its intentions failing which the Samiti would file a case in the court. Shet said that he was optimistic that the case would be in the favour of the Samiti and the only hindrance could be in the form of the court rejecting the public representation and not the PIL. He said that the Samiti would go for higher appeal in High Court. He added that private employees were being considered for the government hospital. The fight would be taken forward until justice prevails, he said.

Shet took exception to the DC heading the committee and monitoring the hospital and its activities while the district surgeon, who should be at the helm of affairs, is not included in the committee. He questioned the PPT model opted by the government to sell the assets to BRS Ventures in the name of better healthcare facilities for poor.

Siraj Ahmed, a family member of Haji Abdullah, said that the philanthropist's efforts to donate land have gone wasted as his charity is now being used for the purpose of privatisation, which is not fair. He added that the family is supporting the Samiti by voicing its concerns. He said a legal battle would be pursued.